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Why Sahetah's Jewelry has been on a Hiatus

I've been gone for a while. A long while. Though I haven't updated the blog in some time, I was still active designing new products and creating pieces for local shops. That stopped a little more than a year ago. Why?

Lots of things have happened this past year. A lot of changes.

In short, I had 2 work injuries, a mid-life crisis, moved to another City, and decided to go back to school and change Careers. Except I'm only 31, so that mid-life crisis hit early. I wont say that's why I changed my hair. But that was a fun, positive change during a lot of chaos. (In a parking lot btw)

My work injuries included fracturing a bone in my toe and the repetitive dislocation of my right shoulder from over-working it. I learned the hard way that if you pull a muscle - DO NOT- I repeat - DO NOT keep using it for another 2 hours doing the same heavy lifting job that made it upset in the first place. The healing took a long time. 9 months and still counting as its still not fully healed. I can't lift my right arm above shoulder length without feeling the joint moving awkwardly. But there is far less risk of my shoulder popping out of place. It used to pop out 10 times a day. Now it may be once every 2 months - and if I'm good - hopefully never again. I'm still working on SAFELY strengthening the muscles in my shoulder to help keep it in place for good. My foot will always be a problem and i'll have to wear shoes with lots of cushion and support to prevent another fracture. Basically the "fat pad" beneath the one toe has disintegrated due to wearing flats at work and working over 40hrs a week. I decided to get out of Management and do something different after those injuries. So I started looking into a Career change. I winded up moving 4 hours away, close to my S/O and going back to school. I've been taking a lot of evening classes to get me into the Course I've chosen that will land me into my new Career. It's been a very busy, exciting and stressful time. Sometimes working two jobs and trying to balance a healthy work/study life. Unfortunately that meant my Jewelry business has taken the sidelines in the meantime. But it has never been forgotten. However I admit, coming back to it - all the sites I've used and emails and passwords - I can barely remember. The layout of Etsy, this site, twitter, instagram - it's all changed. I feel like an old person, going onto the computer for the very first time and wondering what kind of alien technology this is and please ship it back to Mars where it came from! I've also dabbled into some polymer clay. This is not a recent piece, but something I haven't shown on my blog. (obviously - I only have one other post, lol)

So what is on the horizon?

Some more polymer clay designs - some of which will be incorporated into my jewelry. Some of these pieces will be to help the Ferret Aid Society (more on that in another post) I'll also be designing and creating MORE cool things for my shop! It's time to fill it up! I have until SEPTEMBER to really pump out some jewelry. So here's hoping. I'll ALSO be hosting a big SALE! IF I can remember how to use the computer and all these cool gadgets. I've never run an online facebook sale event before - so we will see how that goes. I'm planning on selling a lot of older designs on HUGE discount. I'll have bids going every hour. This sale is to help me fund my College and support the Ferret Aid Society. Since I've been gone for a while, tell me what you have been doing in the past year? What has changed? Are you on a new and exciting adventure(are you like Bilbo and you are off to slay a magical dragon?)? Have you learned something new this past year? Are you going back to school or changing careers? I'd love to know what is happening your corner of the Universe :)

#sahetahsjewelry #polymerclay #vacation #fashion #midlifecrisis

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