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Designing New Clay Steampunk Pendants

I often become antsy and want to branch out beyond my two collections (lucite flower designs and feminine steampunk). Lately I've been wanting to expand on my Steampunk designs and learn a new technique at the same time.

I've been playing around a lot with clay. It all started when I was offered free clay at a craft show at the end of the day. It looked interesting enough and opened up doorways in my mind of possibilities. I mulled over the idea of what to do with the clay for a long time but never actually used it. I've always been wowed by the work of others who design with clay.

Finally a few months ago I've nervously and excitedly played with some clay. Once again, I taught myself with tutorials online and some trial and error. These are my first batch of pendants I've created in Peacock colors.

I used various charms, pendants and stampings to create different impressions in the clay. I also have my own collection fo real watch parts to use as well. Some

Creating these clay pendants is both fun and tedious work with lots of steps before its ready to be turned into a necklace. I used a special kind of powder to create the colors in these pendants. I had a joyous time experimenting with the different colors and was excited to see how they would bake into the clay.

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