A Peak Inside the Studio

Have you ever wondered how Artists create such beautiful designs? Whether it be pottery, paintings, sculpting or mixed media art, it all seems like some kind of magic. Something they were born with. It's not magic - and it's true some of us were born creative and have an eye for design - but it's much more than that. It takes a lot of hardwork, a lot of training (whether its from school or the Artist taught themself), trial and error and a roller coaster ride of wavering self esteem before an Artist truly masters their craft.


But perhaps there is a little bit of "magic" and whimsy too.


Here's a "behind the Scenes" look of my studio that coincides with my blog so you can get to know a little bit about the design process. Maybe you will see the creation of one of your new necklaces, bracelets or earrings.

How do Lucite Flowers get their  Color?

There are three different ways Lucite flowers can get their color besides the factory colors.


- Dying

- Airbrushing

- Enameling


I work with two other designers who have each mastered their own technique. One Artist specializes in hand-Dying while the other Artist specializes in Airbrushing.


In my studio, I enamel the Lucite Flowers.


You can find various artists who can do one or the other with Lucite Flowers. I've chosen only the best Designers for my work.


Through trial and error I created the perfect technique for enameling Lucite flowers for the best and most vibrant colors and effects.

wip enamel flowers4
wip enamel flowers5
new enameled flowers in progress
enameled lucite flowers
enameled flowers to be turned into earrings
enameled lucite flowers almost finished


Enameling is much like painting. Few Artists have tried enameling and fewer still have mastered the technique. Quite possibly due to the fact that not all the flowers will take to the enameling process well and have to be tossed. 


Enameling requires patience and the ability to accept that not each flower will turn out perfectly. Once you begun to enamel a flower, you can't stop and you can't go back. You can't fix a mistake. If you make a mistake you have to throw it out and start again.



Unlike hand-dyed and some airbrushed Lucite flowers, enameled flowers are waterproof.

More to come...

Our blog features upcoming events, news and more behind the scenes inside the studio.

See what's being created inside the Studio




All jewelry & images by Melissa Arnold of Sahetah's Jewelry     t

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Our Designer Melissa Arnold is the sole owner and designer of Sahetah's Jewelry. When she is not in her studio, she is splitting her time between working in the Fashion Industry as a stylist, working as a Caregiver and a writer. To learn more about the Designer and about Sahetah's Jewelry, check out our "About Page".

If you want to peak inside the Designer's Studio, click on 'Inside the Studio".

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enameled lucite flowers