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We carry three different custom styles of Lucite Flowers: Hand dyed, Hand Airbrushed, and Designer Enamel. Each custom style is created by a different Artisan and have very different, unique looks.

Collection: Lucite Flower Designs

Our Feminine Steampunk collection features genuine, functional pocket watches. We use both battery powered and wind-up pocket watches for our designs. These high-end designs are great choices for classy daywear, evening wear and special occassions such as galas and weddings.

Collection: Feminine Steampunk

Inside the Studio

Come see inside our studio and see different phases of the design process. You'll get a sneak peak at the many stages of creating Enameled Lucite Flowers, Clay Steampunk Pendants and more.




Our Designer Melissa Arnold is the sole owner and designer of Sahetah's Jewelry. When she is not in her studio, she is splitting her time between working a Caregiver and a writer. To learn more about the Designer and about Sahetah's Jewelry, check out our "About Page".

If you want to peak inside the Designer's Studio, click on 'Inside the Studio".

Check our online boutique or shop our store on Etsy for our current selections. We also sell at Craft Shows and in stores as well.


If you would like to see us i a certain store, send us an email.

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